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Hiroshima WPPC Global Link Project

You can join in our prayer even if you do not live in Hiroshima. We will be very happy if you can hold a World Peace Prayer Ceremony with your friends in the same manner as shown above. If you can pray simultaneously with us, it is wonderful. If you are not available on August 6th, please hold a prayer ceremony at any time at your convenience between July 29 and August 5.

You are free to increase or diminish the number of the countries or regions you pray for. The use of flags is also your choice. Moreover, you can also add, before and after, any religious ceremony or prayer of your own. Please just make sure to include the following prayer:

May Peace Prevail on Earth
May peace be in Hiroshima

Then you can organize your World Peace Prayer Ceremony as you wish. Your prayer will go beyond time and space and surely reach Hiroshima on August 6. If you plan to participate in this Hiroshima Global Link project, please fill in the following registration form and send by e-mail to:

* Registration Form
1) Name of the city and country in which you will hold a World Peace Prayer Ceremony
2) Date and time
3) Expected number of participants (approximately)
4) Personal Notes on the responsible person:
a) Name
b) E-mail address
c) Mailing address
d) Telephone number

Please send us your comments after you have finished the event.

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